Sunday, October 12, 2014

Toadly Love You!

I have had this kit for a few years and finally sat down to put it together. It was pre-cut but everything needed to be distressed and put together. It was a lot of fun to create and I LOVE the end result. 
It was purchased for me a few years ago at the U.S.A Scrapbook Expo here in Salt Lake City. 

The creator is

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Stampin' Up Halloween Wreath

Yesterday we had a blast playing at the Craft and Chat Afternoon putting together our Halloween Wreath's.

I can't tell you how easy these were to put together!
The most intricate part was the putting the spider together but even that was as simple as stringing a necklace together. I loved hearing the gals keep saying "That's it? But that is so easy?" and my favorite, "It looks so nice and it is so easy!"

Check out this link if your interested in checking out the kit.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Look

The inspiration from this card came from a friend of mine who showed me the latest YouTube crafter's making cards from napkins. I loved this idea but sadly did not at the time have napkins so I made do with paper and some stamps,
I cut out two different sizes of circles. The largest circle I positioned in the center if the card and stamped around it. Then I positioned the smaller circle in the center of the card again and blended colors around it. I topped it off with a sentiment in the center then embossed over the entire card.

This card was created just from playing with the Cricut cartridge Paper Lace 2

Friday, July 11, 2014

Leave it to God Card

I was inspired by another card I had made at a class but put a Godly twist on it. I fell in love with these warm tones and I love how the glittery background really makes the sentiment pop!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Every Picture Has a Story to Tell Wall

I have been working on the dynamics of this wall for over a year now. I did the letters too large the first time and then could not decide how I wanted to finish it up. 
Well here is the semi-finished product!
I love the font (Candy Font Cricut Cartridge) and the 3 dimensional letters really help it to stand off the wall!

I know the pictures look off a bit but I promise they are not it is just the angle I took the picture from. I had to angle my phone to take the picture because this wall is right outside our guest bathroom.

I am also planning to add more pictures as I collect them so it will fill up fast I have a feeling!

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby for about $2 a piece (Not on sale)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Chore Chart

I think this might just be my busiest year EVER!
My craft room has become my sanctuary although I have to admit I am not getting a lot of projects completely finished. I have about 7 that I work on periodically throughout the week. This project in particular is one I have been in need of for a few weeks and finally just sat down and got it done.
I bought a simple magnetic whiteboard and used the metallic back of it instead of the whiteboard side. 
I used Washi tape for the grid and the decorative owls on the top and bottom.
For the title and the days of the week I had some blue vinyl and cut them out using the "Better Than Chocolate" font on the Cricut
For the chore tags I just cut out flags from strips of different colors of Card-stock and put magnetic tape on the back.
All of the supplies (with the exception of the card-stock and the vinyl I picked up at good ole Hobby Lobby).

It was quick, easy and fun!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Stampin' Up Spring Wreath

 Hello Everyone!
The January and February craziness has finally calmed down so I am bound and determined to spend my every waking "free moment" crafting and creating!

I have an afternoon of craft and chatting that I am hosting this upcoming weekend and thought the gals would love to check out this Stampin' Up Spring Wreath kit they are offering in the Occasions catalog!

It was fun to put together and relatively easy. Everything was cut and ready to go all you need is a hot glue gun and the glue of course! :-)


It just makes me want to pull out my gardening tools and start planting some flower!

If you would like to check out the kit online click here: Burlap & Blooms Wreath Kit

If you are interested in joining us at the Afternoon Craft & Chat click or other events click here: MeetUp - Craft & Chat Afternoon Event